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Visakha Vidyalaya.Colombo-The best girls school in Sri Lanka

Principle of our school
Mrs. Sandamali Aviruppola - Dec 2008 - Present

VISAKHA THE IDEAL. - excerpts from a contribution to the school journal.

"Could our school, as it marches into the 21st century still retain as its role model a daughter of ancient India?" Visakha is revered, even today, for her modesty and decorum. Given in marriage to one of a different faith she demanded that she retain the right to observe her religion. Through her great wisdom she was able to lead her father-in-law on to the Right Path. What woman, in today's liberated world, can claim such an accomplishment?

- - She gained equality without sacrificing her femininity. It is obvious that, like the Buddha's teachings, the example set by Visakha is timeless. The students of Visakha can have no better ideal than this to emulate.

- - It is wisdom that is fostered at Visakha. Wisdom to face challenges in our domestic life as well as in our careers. Since it is Visakha's wisdom that is a shining beacon illuminating our lives, it is appropriate that our motto is "Pannaya Parisujjhati" - Through Wisdom is one purified.


The school's motto is from the Alavaka Sutta in the Sutta Pitaka of the Tripitaka. When the yakkha Alavaka first confronted the Buddha, he threatened to exterminate Him unless the Buddha answered all his questions. One of the questions asked was "Kathansu Parisujjhati" - how is one cleansed? And the Buddha replied,

Mean :"Pannaya Parisujjhati" - by wisdom is one cleansed.

Visakha Vidyalaya was founded on the 16th of January, 1917 by the late Mrs. Jeremias Dias as an institution of learning for the Buddhist girls of this land at a time when such institutions were rare.

Begun under the name of "Buddhist Girls' College" in a house called "The Firs" at Turret Road, Colombo, it was moved to its present premises at Vajira Road on the 21st of November 1927 and named "Visakha Vidyalaya" by Lady Stanley, the wife of the then Governor of Ceylon. From humble beginnings, it has risen to the position of the most sought after school for girls in Sri Lanka, and the only girls' school to be identified amongst the first National Schools in the Island.

Starting with just 20 students way back in 1917, she has about 4,000 students on her roll today, with an academic staff numbering 146. Today, Visakha stands unchallenged. It is at the top of all the schools in the Island for academic excellence and the prestige she enjoys is indeed a fitting tribute to her founder. Her records in sports and other co curricular activities are no less worthy of mention. Indeed, the most remarkable characteristic of Visakha is her ability to blend the best of the traditional and the modern aspects of life. An Old Girl is found leading the way in every field; be it academic, professional or aesthetics giving credence to the fact that the proudly uttered words "I am a Visakhian" mean so much.

The school owes its origin to the far-sightedness and philanthropy of her noble Founder, its development to the vision and leadership of the long line of Managers and Principals and its continued standard of excellence to the devotion and loyalty of its Teachers, Parents and Students, both past and present.


There are 6 houses at Visakha:

* Motwani
* Weerasooriya
* Pulimood
* Jayatilake
* Dias
* Dawes


Sports played at Visakha are:

* Athletics
* Badminton
* Basketball
* Carrom
* Chess
* Chinese Wushu
* Cricket

* Diving
* Gymnastics
* Hockey
* Kabaddi
* Karate
* Netball
* Scrabble

* Squash
* Swimming
* Synchronized Swimming
* Table Tennis
* Tennis
* Volleyball
* Waterpolo

Clubs and Societies

* Astronomical Association
* Broadcasting Unit
* Buddhist Association
* Commerce and Arts Society
* Discussion Forum
* Drug Prevention Club
* English Drama Society
* English Literary Association
* Environment Society
* Film Society
* Information and Communication Technology Society
* Interact Club
* Junior Oriental Band
* Junior Western Band
* Music circle
* Oriental Music Society
* Photographic Society
* Quiz Club
* Red Cross Society
* Science Association
* Scrabble Club
* Senior Oriental Band
* Senior Westren Brass Band
* Sinhala Literary Association
* Western Music Society

Visakha Vidyalaya Colombo